Want a Contract With Your Key Logger?

I found this a bit surprising:
“Malware authors in Russia are now offering service contracts with their spyware”

And this sounds familiar:
"This exposes the dirty secret of the antivirus market: it’s reactive. Antivirus software has heuristics, intelligence designed to catch patterns of behavior to trap unknown viruses. But the problem is, heuristics often aren’t very good. "

Where did I hear that before? Oh right, it was here, in this forum (related to CAVS\HIPS). (:LGH)

Quite an interesting article, I thought:

Thanks for the link, user4.

Fairly recently, there was one posted about a malware-writer (again from Russia, I believe) selling viruses to target banks. They actually interviewed him (as a potential buyer, rather than a news organization) then wrote the article.

It’s in here somewhere…


Hmmm…you seem interested :o, LM.

LOL, I had some contact once in Russia with a “questionable” character that seemed connected to the shadier side of life. It was actually kinda spooky. That was close enough for me (and it wasn’t even computer-related)…


I hope your intentions to purchase malware was to conduct tests on how to destroy it. ;D

Any connection that I may or may not have had to any individual in question in or around any part of the Russian Federation at any point in time previous to this moment is unequivocally stated to be related in no way to the purchase, resale, or usage in any way/shape/form/fashion of any malware, whether real or conceptual, for any purpose, at any time.

Any such association, whether explicit or implicit, is entirely a figment of the perceiver’s imagination, and in no way is intended to have any reflection or bearing on reality.


(:KWL) I’ve obviously gotta be careful what I say around you!

Hey, you’re alright! Except you can’t take a (:LGH)

You just never know who might be monitoring… :wink:

Gotta cover my figurative backside. (:KWL)


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interesting write up…

i hope people who claim trying to find bad code by looking for signatures reads this article!

the dynamics of what your first line of defense has changed.

we can no longer just allow everything and then see what is bad…

we have to only allow good!