Wanna know when CIS 6.0 will be released?

Ok, for all those who are asking when CIS 6.0 will be released and dont find an answer… CONTINUE READING.

Have you wondered why CIS 6.0 hasn’t been released yet?
I explained it here as a personal consideration.
Jumping from 5.x to 6.x its a huge event and from marketing point-of-view means more profit.
So the launch for CIS 6.0 its a great opportunity to brand it as a 2013 product line.

From screenshots that Melih kidnly shared with us here, this became true.
CIS 6.0 became CIS 2013 as you can read in the title bar (COMODO Internet Security 2013 Premium):

Besides all this, of course, it required LOTS of development due to all the new features we all already know.

But what does this mean?
Every serious AV company will release the yearly product line between August - October of every year.
Will COMODO be the exception? NO. COMODO released the 2012 product line in October 2011.

This year, we all hope to see no change (otherwise COMODO would be behind their competitors).
So, if the expected public release month for CIS 2013/6.0 is October 2012, then you can imagine that the beta version will come 1 or 2 months before. This bring us to August - September 2012.

I wont be surprised if Moderators will start playing with CIS 6.0 by the end of this month.

Lots of new things to expect in August 2012! :wink:

Note: I’m not COMODO staff. So my post does not necessarily represent the views or opinions of COMODO. In fact, COMODO has already made public that the estimated time of released for a beta version would be on August. Im just posting this because after the public declaration from COMODO, many forum members are still asking for a release date. This post will help them analyze the current state of CIS 6.0 and when it will probably be released (until we have no official date from COMODO).

Anyway v5.10 works fine to me, im not super-hurry to have v6, just let it comes as it should ^^

an old sage said “more you wait, better you will appreciate it” :smiley:

Hmm sounds great. Let’s hope your predictions are good. However the new interface is sensational :-TU. I hope version 6 also contain bug fixes present in version 5.10.

Will the Premium version of COMODO Internet Security 6.0 be free like all the other past versions were?

Yes it will be free.

comodo should make a sticky thread stating cis premium will always be free and explain why so people don’t ask if it will be free anymore

GData already have their 2013 products available.

Hi trscsaeg thanks for the idea,
I would imagine most regular users would already know, and those that are not would usually be after the current version which already states it is free. :wink:

I’m just saying it would cut down on people asking the question throughout the forum but either way it doesn’t really matter

Hi trscsaeg,
If we get enough genuine inquiries your suggestion may be considered.

i admit, i saw many times on the CIS v6 thread, the same old questions “will it be still free?” or “When it will be released?”

that is a bit annoying to have the new reply indicator just to read those questions.