wan/lan ?

Hello all-
just trying comodo - behind a router -

WAN = 173.xxx.xxx.xx ( whatever)
LAN = …instead of 192.168.x.x

as close as I remember in configuration I didn’t use secure DNS…so how, what, where does comodo take over the Lan address? ???

The 169.x.x.x address is what’s known as an APIPA address (Automatic Private IP Addressing) These addresses are allocated by the operating system in the absence of a DHCP server. In your case, I woul guess that after installing CIS, you’ve blocked access to your router. Try running Stealth Ports Wizard with the first option:

Define a new trusted network and make my ports stealth for everyone else

Failing that, post a screenshot of your application and global firewall rules.

A Ha, Radaghast, Thank you very much ! - you pointed me in the right direction :wink: just a couple of tabs over in Network zones…I have 2 home zones.

Closest I can figure, before I installed Comodo, I had set a home network in addition to the default public network in Win 7, so I could network my XP computer with it… hence the 192…x.x.x for Home 1… and the APIPA must have set the other :-\ ( was the IP for Home 2)

Not a big deal…now that I understand what happened. I’m from old Kerio background and used to a simpler set of rule creations…but I am quite intrigued with Comodo, that it still allows for that kind of direct rule making. Windows firewall is nice, but still seems to want to control/group things for you

Much to learn here :-TU…I’m sure I’ll have more questions
Thanks again,

Quite a few ex-kerio/Tiny users around these parts :-TU Please feel free to ask about anything.

I used to be able to connect my PC’s at home on an internal “workgroup” before I installed Comodo FW on all of my PC’s. Since the installation, I can access the internet on all machines, however, they can no longer see each other on an ‘intranet-style’ workgroup anymore. Any ideas? How about either adding this to the installation or, at the very least, put the instruction out there for people to be able to get at quickly? Thanx in advance for a quick response; I need to get a lot of work done…

When you installed CIS you should have received an alert asking for your location, Home/Work/Public, choosing the same option for each PC on the LAN, will create the necessary rules, to allow basic file and printer sharing.

If you accidentally disabled this alert you can re-enable the option from:

Firewall/Firewall Behaviour settings/Automatically Detect New Private Networks.

Alternatively, you can use Stealth Ports Wizard with the first option:

Define a new trusted network and make my ports stealth for everyone else

to achieve the same thing. If you’re running Windows 7 and need Homegroup support, you’ll need rules for other processes in addition to those created via the aforementioned method.