WallWatcher Internet Traffic Monitor

Hadn’t seen another post on it, so thought I would mention a tool that can be very helpful in figuring out what is happening with your firewall. Wallwatcher at http://sonic.net/wallwatcher/ is a free application that allows for the logging and display of the data at your router, before it is passed on to CFP. In other words, all the inputs to CFP3, all the outputs from CFP3, and even the traffic that is blocked by the router itself. If you have a router on their list (needs to support external logging), it is very simple to set it up to look at all or selectable subsets of your inbound and outbound tcp, udp, icmp traffic and then see what CFP3 is doing with it. Just another firewall tool that many find useful as a means to “log all”. Attachment shows a display of my traffic for a short period. Not much interesting happening, because my ISP also provides a free firewall, and I have it set on to medium at the moment. :slight_smile:

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