When ever I visit this site and I do a lot I cannot get the site to load properly unless I shut off Comodo. My logs show whats happening. Firefox is set as a web browser. The only way I can prevent this is to edit the “web browser” predefined policy and increase the source port for FTP. I am not sure this is a proper thing to do. Any enlighten me or visit the site and see what happens to you. Clean install of Comodo firewall offical not beta.


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Have you tried Custom over browser? Maybe that would work for you?
I have no issues with IE8 and CIS 3.9beta on this site

But shouldn’t your browser be listed as a “Web browser”? Isnt that the best security set up?

The problem is not there if IE and FF are set to custom. Odd.

Predefined ‘Browser’ is just a set of predefined rules (see attached file).
I use Custom with IE8. All my ports are stealthed on a per case basis.

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Well I am behind a hardware firewall with NAT.

So am I.

So basically you do not need IE or Ff set as a “web browser” in the firewall correct? So having it custom is fine? I deleted both IE and FF from the firewall and clicked apply. Then launched IE and FF and now they both are custom. So that’s ok? Thanks.

Or… you need to add port 81 to the HTTP port set, since that’s what WallpaperStock are trying use.

Ok but do I really need IE and FF set as a “web browser”?

Even ‘Trusted’ apps can get a ‘Custom’ label if something changes (I’ve seen it with my system). IMO, if ‘Custom’ is doing the job properly, you don’t need to change it back to ‘Browser’.

If this was to me, then that will work. The Predefined Rule “Web Browser” uses the HTTP port set. It’s just that WallpaperStock are using a non-standard port (81) to display the thumbnail images.

Thank you Kail. Why is Wallpaperstock so different. No other site is like that and I visit millions.

I suspect it’s a security"being very awkward" measure to stop other sites stealing their images using direct links.