Wallbreaker Leak Test and Comodo 3.0

Just playing with the new version 3.0. Cannot stop the Wallbreaker leak test 1 & 2. Does anyone know what settings need to be tweaked to stop Wallbreaker. I can find no settings in version 3.0 to monitor OLE auomation attempts as was in the previous version.

I pass all 4 tests. It is so secure that cpf alerts you that wb is trying to create the file before even getting a chance to execute it :D.

Did you create or modify rules to get it to stop Wallbreaker.

after install i flunked all 4 tests on wallbreaker, i turned on D+ and passed all of them


I guess you had Defense+ disabled, becaause if you have Defense+ enabled it won’t fail.
Test 1 and 2 fails because CFP 3 lacks parent application check. This is provided by Defense+ instead.