Walking in the street when sidewalks are readily available.


I just wanted to know why someone would choose to walk with their kid or dog or spouse on the street when there’s sidewalks on either side of the street. In my case it’s a residential street with nice grass and trees between the sidewalk and the road. Why would someone walk in the road where cars drive by instead of walking on one of the 2 sidewalks?

If you’re one of these people please explain your rational. Any else ever wonder about this?

Thanks for your comments :slight_smile:


i walk anywhere i please. feet have been around longer than cars, cars do not belong on sidewalks and feet belong anywhere

but feet don’t have the ability to run you over and kill you…at least human feet don’t. :wink:

Cars often park on the footway, so human beings should use the roadway.

huh ??? sidewalks ???
ow, OK. this topic’s kinda bizzare

some ppl might be suicidal & don’t have money to buy shotgun to ■■■■ their heads off 88)