Wake up on lan magic packet

I use WOL utility to start my server, but the magic packet gets blocked by the network control stop -rule.

Is there a way to write a allow rule to let the magic packet pass ?
So far my only workaroud is to allow all outbound traffic in net rules, ie. change
the (default) STOP rule to limit incoming traffic.

about wol:

Hi rich_nerd, welcome to the forums.

If CFP is blocking the WoL, then you only need to look at CFPs Log (Activity tab) to see what exactly is being blocked. Then you need to create a new Network Monitor rule (Advanced tab) above the last block & log rule, which allows the UDP packet on port 7/9. You can then confirm if you got the rule right, by checking the Log to ensure that it is no longer being reported (it might be that something else is being reported in its place - which you might also need to allow).