W7 Pro 64 bit can't access WHS

I installed CIS on a 64bit W7 professional system.
After I did so I could access the internet fine, but not my Windows Home Server (WHS) network storage on my home network (192.168…), ie I could not connect to //MY-SERVER/Shared Folders/.
On disabling CIS I could access the files on my WHS.

Can anyone point me at the setting that might be preventing this access, or the configuration I need to set to enable acces to the server



Could you go to CIS > Firewall > Network Security Policy > Network Zones > Add > New Network Zone > “WHS” > Ok > Select WHS > Add > Network Address > IPv4 Address > Enter the address of the WHS > Ok > Ok *until you are back at the Firewall Window

Stealth Port Wizards > Define New Trusted Network > WHS > Ok

Hope this helps