w2k3 "autoupdate" only works 50% ! remove works,rest doesn't[BUGREPORT]

OS : w2k3 SP2 blah blah …
just for the fun of it I tried the updater :
New version available !! … okay, that was fast they got support for my OS in place I thought …
downloaded the update via the updater, it removed the “old” Comodo and rebooted …
all fine until now, right ?
… ladiladila …

Need I say that it was a bit annoying ? ;D

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Sounds right. The Comodo website says v3 only works on XP/Vista, w2k should use 2.4.

No, it doesn’t sound right ???
the updater/installer should check what OS it’s running on BEFORE it starts to remove
the “old” firewall and re-boot …

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
So, installed the “old” Comodo again and first thing that pops up is :

hmmm… that’s a hard one ;D ;D

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