W/ No Trust Connect, Still be Secure Using Sandboxed Browsers?

Currently I using a public network, I chose to be unprotected after the TrustConnect notification came up. When I put my browsers in the Sandbox, am I browsing securely over a public network since they are running in a virtual environment & separate from my real system?

Does anyone have an answer to my question yet?

Can someone please answer my question please? I really need to know if running Sandboxed browsers & Virtual Desktop will keep my main PC Secure on public Networks? Will yens please answer this question please? :slight_smile: :wink: :smiley: ;D :azn:

I’m guess no one knows the answer 2 my question. :frowning: :cry: (:SAD)

There are two issues…

  1. Security. Yes, your computer will be secure if you sandbox your bowsers.

  2. Privacy. Sandboxing the browsers will not protect your data on the network, so anyone with the right knowledge and tools will be able to sniff your transmissions on an unsecured public network. Trustconnect will protect you here.

Thanks for your reply. Do you think you have an answer for this?>> https://forums.comodo.com/defense-sandbox-help-cis/sandbox-needing-reset-every-time-before-i-use-it-t117337.0.html <<

Currently, subject to use of unsafe due to the fact that he for several years was not updated.
Over the years, the OpenVPN client on the basis of which made Comodo Trust Connect was found a lot of vulnerabilities that are eliminated, in contrast to the subject. It uses weak ciphers 64 bit vulnerable to attack SWEET32, at a time when it is recommended the use of a modern cipher AES-256-CBC.
In General, if you use a subject to transfer critical data, you should look for more reliable analog. Hopes that the security situation in Comodo Trust Connect will change for the better anymore. The project unfortunately abandoned.