W 7 Security Center detects two AVs

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I have a new member in the Spanish Forum who complains that eventhough she installed only CFW, whenever she activates D+ her W7 Security Center detects two antivirus. Avast and Comodo.


I have searched the Forum back to October, but have not found any similar post. Any ideas why this is happening ?

I already indicated the exclusions for each other that she has to have to avoid any conflicts between them.

Also recommended to download Comodo Firewall new. Uninstall and then use Jacob’s remove tool and to reinstall CFW according to Chiron’s instructions. Wating for an answer. What else ?


It can be that comodo integrates itself with window. Don’t forget that the firewall has cloud-based av. That may be a reason why windows shows two.

I suggest she adds Comodo (complete folder) to avast exclusion.

I hope this helps


Perhaps it’s also worth it to run the uninstaller for Avast. This can be found here.

It could be that there’s a single key that’s telling the security center that it’s still installed. Are you sure that it was never, even if it was a very long time ago, installed on the system?

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Thanks for answering.

I have not seen the two AV detected in Security Center ever when installing just CFW. On the other hand, I have not installed CFW in W 7 yet. Is it common that kind of behavior ?

I already told her to exclude Avast in Comodo and vise-versa.

Still wating for her answer.

Thanks again.

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Thanks .

She has Avast! free installed. she wanted to try CFW ( No AV ) because she heard, it was the right combo for safety. She started in the avast forum and I sent her here because I did not want to start aswering question in the wrong Forum, but it seems she does not know English so she posted in the Spanish forum here.

As I told Valentin N I have not seen Windows detecting CWF as a AV when there is another AV already install.


Sorry, it appears that I read it too quickly.

My advice would be to uninstall CFW by following the advice in this post. That said, this seems to be a minor problem. Are there any other problems on the system, or is it just that the security center shows two AV’s?

This could also be a problem with the security center. If reinstalling, while following my advice, doesn’t work then perhaps it’s best to rebuild the security center. This can be done by following the first answer on this page.


Thank you for the links. Is it still recommended to use Revo to uninstall Comodo ? I thought that a regular uninstall procedure and then jacob’s tool was enough.

Wiil do.
Thanks again.

I believe that in order to use Jacob’s tool it’s best to first uninstall CIS first and then use that. Perhaps I am wrong.

Therefore by using Revo it will first find most leftovers anyway. Then the specific uninstaller will just check for any leftovers, of which there should be very few or none.

You are correct. One must uninstall first and then use Jacob’s tool. I just thought that Revo was not necessary.

It’s an extra layer. Since it doesn’t take much time, and is very effective, I don’t see a reason not to advise it.

That said, if the computer is 64 bit Revo will not work on it anyway.

Good point. I have not used revo in a while. Didn’t know that.

I already told the OP to uninstall CWF using your link, and reinstall again. Let’s see what happens.

Thanks again Chiron for your help.

You’re welcome. Please let me know if there are any problems.

Will do. ;D

Ok. It seems that the alert was not two AVs detected in Security Center, but two antispywares, Avast and Comodo D+. I asked the OP for a screenshot since she was contradicting herselft. May someone see the image and tell me if it is right to detect Avast! and D+ as antispywares in W7 ? I do not use W7, and D+ is not detected as an antispyware in XP, not even Avast! ? Please.

I would think it is right since Avast and D+ have antipysware behavior, but I want to be sure.

BTW don’ t ask me why it is in French and the OP is posting in Spanish :-\


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