Vuze/Azureus won't start if a host name is listed in My Blocked Network Zones

this drove me crazy for hours! all of the sudden Vuze would not start. but i noticed if i disabled comodo, it would start fine.

then i remembered i had recently added some sites to “my blocked network zones” …for testing purposes, you can just put “” as blocked host name.

so with blocked there, start Vuze and it will hang on startup. eventually it loads, but it will give socket error messages and won’t function correctly.

when i remove from the blocked zones, it works fine. it also works fine if i put an ip address in the blocked zones. it’s something to do with blocked host names.

why does this happen? is there a bug somewhere?


well known bug i guess:;msg321141#msg321141

I tried to reproduce the bug but to no effect. Using CIS 3.11 and Vuze and Jre 1.6.0_16 on Win 7 RC. Is Vuze the only program that is effected? Are browsers effected?

What OS are you on? What versions of Java, CIS and Vuze are you running? What happens when you disable other residential security programs.

Hi, I will keep coming back here to help with this.

I am using CIS 3.11, Vuze, Java 6 Update 15 on Vista SP2 x64.

It happens with no other security programs running. I will keep testing things to see if I can help figure out what’s going wrong.