I’m not sure what’s going on here! Can anyone help me? I have a long used program that keeps getting sand-boxed I think. I also think it is listed as one of my allowed programs.

I think that’s doubtful unless the trusted application is running something unrecognized and that is being sand boxed. Set your widget to show the status pane if it’s not already. Why the most informative and useful part of the widget is disabled by default bewilders me.

Be aware that if you run a trusted un-sandboxed program from within a program that is sandboxed then the trusted un-sandboxed program WILL be sandboxed too.

For example, I have Chromodo sandboxed and uTorent un-sandboxed (there is a reason!). If I download a torent file from Chromodo and have it automatically open uTorrent then uTorrent is sandboxed too.

Thanks sAyer, and ubuysa. My problem here is My trusted and long used Recording program (DAW) is doing all kinds of weird things. I’m pretty sure it’s caused by COMODO. Is there any way to completely re-set the COMODO or change he offending part, to be as it has. I’ve had no such problem in the past.

First step is to see if it not Unrecognised. Go to File List and push the filter icon in the header of the File Rating column. Let it sort Unrecognised Files. See if your program is listed there. If so move it to Trusted Files.

When that does not the trick add the executable of DAW or its installation folder to the Exclusion of Detect shellcode injections.

Does any of the above help?

Thanks EricJH for your response. I did as you suggested. I found 5 different instances of reaper exe. in the unrecognized file rating column. I moved them all. I also added the program to (detect shellcode injections). Although it seems to disappear after closing that window. Is that correct? Any how, The program no longer creates the VTRoot file. Can’t help but wonder what changed in the last few years to cause the problem in the first place.

Thank You for your guidance on this. It’s much appreciated!

Thank you also ubuysa, and sAyer for your help.

The program could have been updated which changed the files making CIS no longer trust the files (if digitally signed then that could also have changed when their previous certificate expired etc)

Hello, Please explain me about your experience. You have chromodo in sandbox but when you download a torrent file then open utorrent in “version sandbox”. How can you do that?. Please, I am interesting about your tip…n_n

Yea Possible. Only this program updated regulary and I have used it for eight years with no such problem in the past.

Thanks for your thought. :smiley:

So… is there supposed to always be a file VTRoot? Or is this a sign of some problem with a program?