VTroot and why it is there?

I found this by accident, and haven’t found a sound reason it should be present in my file system.
I installed ONLY the anti-virus portion of Comodo, explicitly forbidding the extraneous ■■■■ it want to install otherwise.

WHAT the hell is VTroot, WHY the hell is it there, and WHAT the hell can I do about removing it ‘permanently’?

I have also found references to ‘cis’ all over my registry, tried the cleaning tool, but they are still there!

I don’t want, nor do I need anything to do with a friewall, or other cis leftovers or intentionally installed when I asked that they NOT BE INSTALLED!.

So, I need VTroot gone, as well as all that ‘cis’ fodder residing in my registry and services.

Some Comodo guru point me to the appropiate web apges or manuals or whatever to get jhe job done1

BTW>>> I still want ONLY the antivirus. I don’t need anything sandboxing or otherwise tying my system up with more and more things not needed nor wanted.

WinXP Pro 64bit

PS> Jeezus! I HATE registering just to make one post! You folks need to set up a ‘guest’ user somehow.

To get only the antivirus component you need to first disable the Auto-Sandbox, Open the main GUI and select Tasks > Advanced Tasks > Advanced settings > Security Settings> Defense +> Sandbox.

Next, VTroot is a directory used by Comodo sandbox to hold applications that are sandboxed, you can safely delete this directory or just from the Main GUI select Tasks > Sandbox Tasks and click on “Reset Sandbox”. This will automatically delete the VTroot folder.

You said you only wanted Comodo’s antivirus rather than “cis”, however, CIS is the core in which the Antivirus, Firewall and main product are built upon. They all share the same GUI, and components, just with their respective limitations. I suggest you DO NOT remove anything related to CIS from your CAV installation as you can break the program.

You really would be diminishing your computer protection by not utilizing the sandboxing technologies of Comodo Antivirus. But the choice is always yours.

Maybe he was just trolling? ;D
If he wanted a pure AV, there are a lot other choices. CAV have HIPS and Auto-sandbox built in and cannot be installed without them. His entire post is so funny that it’s probably a joke.

My thoughts of this being a joke is him thinking only an AV is required to protect his computer. Will he be in for a surprise.

Not trolling, nor am I going to be in for a surprise.
I asked a question, because everything I found looking for VTroot, indicated it as for the Firewall , the Browser, or other parts of Comodo (CIS) that are not related to the anti-virus.

So, The first responder answered my question(s).
Also, if Microsoft Security Essentials would work in WinXP Pro 64bit, Comodo would not be in my system. But be sure, I am still looking.

AND you two can bite my a$$. Neither of you offered anything instructive, except your fanboy comments

If you think I don’t have other tools protecting my system, you are the joke, or joker, or a complete court jester,or…

Hi Byteme-too,
Reading the opening post, I noticed it did have some (quite a lot of) attitude (You have to admit that).
This could easily be misinterpreted, so please calm down.

In regards to guest/temporary accounts/users, this has potential to attract bad eggs. :-TD
This is a security related Forum after all.


Does this help?


How about you ki$$ your own ■■■. This is a well meaning community full of helpful members and moderators. If your not satisfied with the antivirus then move it on down the road. A few other free offering available. If you don’t need the other features then disable them. Don’t come around here talking all that rubbish*.

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You should bite your own a$$. You came here just to troll. CAV have HIPS and Auto-Sandbox bundled and cannot be installed separately. Even a dog could tell that. And yet you could not tell that and also BROKE your CAV installation by deleting registry items. You must be crazy, or like I said in the other post, this must be a joke.

Stop smoking what you have been smoking lately bro, because it is causing you serious issues. Also will report you to moderator due to personal attacks which are against Forum Policy.

Absolutely & Exactly ! :slight_smile:

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I can do that. I don’t want to appear to be unreasonable. Derogatory comments were made by the OP and I saw no moderator correct it. Someone had to say something against that muttering slang. Maybe next time you will save us the trouble as it’s your job.

I understand the point of the OP, not everyone is ready for the default deny approach Comodo is using and opt for the traditional default allow as it is a simple security for them to use. However what the OP doesn’t know is that Comodo is not default allow as typical security products are so it may not suit his/her needs.

Comodo has been Default Deny for quite some time. This is not something new.

A turned off PC is a safe PC but it’s not very useful, likewise, if Comdo is “secretly” hoarding data and safe apps without notice, the PC is not very useful.

I have to agree with the OP’s attitude, whoever decided to NOT WARN users about the auto-sand box should be fired (and the 2 sycophant “fan boys” need not reply).

I installed Firefox and couldn’t find any trace of it. I figured there was an issue with Windows so I made sure I had all the updates and reinstalled FF. Still, nothing. So I went to my admin account and installed it there. Again no sign of the install.

The idea that Comdo would just decide to “secretly” sandbox something that I am trying to install, is absurd. It’s not a benefit, it’s a nuisance, a waste of time–Firefox is just a browser BTW.

I too didn’t want to use Comdo, I use an SSD drive and Comdo doesn’t let you chose where to store the gigabytes of data it “requires”.

Being safe is a top concern, but I need to be able to get work done on my PC.

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