VT says Comodo cloud AV detects a file, but CIS does not

The strange thing is that it’s not detected by my cis av (even with high heuristic) and VT says it’s detected by comodo…


How is it possible ?? ??? ??? :o

Good question!

One more interesting. Veximm.exe is a malware presumably.
If you download it to the desktop from link, (and do not you do anything else) the file will be visible at D+ Trusted Files. (The file is currently not included in the AV database.)
My question is: Why?

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I could not reproduce this behavior. It did not matter where I saved the file and it did not matter whether I ran the file or not, it was never added to the trusted files list.

For additional results of my testing, see this post.

I’ll split out the last part of this, as, though interesting, it’s not really the same issue. If you would like to make a separate bug report please do! I’ll leave it in issue reports for a day so you can…

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Do you want to create an issue report about this CVSA?

If so it will need to be in standard format I am afraid :slight_smile:

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