Can anyone recommend or give some advice about choosing a VPN ? I’ve used TOR for a long time and want to try VPN. It’s a new subject for me.

been looking at - http://www.vpnbook.com/ - anyone have any experience with it ?

I wanted to get some advice before I jumped in.

Free would be great or paid if it was reasonable.

I think a lot depends on what you want from a VPN?

In most cases you really do get what you pay for and for somewhere between €5 and €7 a month you can get a very good service.

I use, and whole heartedly recommend Air VPN but I also suggest looking at BolehVPN and Mullvad. If you really want free, then perhaps SecurityKISS may work.

Best Free Anonymous Surfing Services

I use CyberGhost.

Me too. I recommend CyberGhost VPN as well.

I would definatley recommend a paid, reputable service as Radaghast stated they are very reasonable
A free service needs to make money somehow and theres an argument that your browsing data and habits are a lot more likely to be logged and sold to advertising company’s when using a free service :o
With a paid service I would look for non-logging and strong crypto.
Along with AirVPN, BolehVPN and Mullvad which Radaghast mentioned :-TU I would add Anonine to the shortlist, all four services keep no logs so even if they where compelled to hand other your data/traffic they couldn’t as they are not kept - they don’t exist.
I get similar speeds from Anonine as I do my ISP and have never experienced disconnection/connection problems with them.