VPN working with Comodo and Win10 but not with Win7

Hye everybody,

as it says in the title, I have 2 pcs here. One with Win10 and the other with Win7. Both 64 bit. On both CIS is installed. On my Win10 computer I first start my VPN connection. When it is established I open the TAP9 adapter and activate the “Comodo Internet Security Firewall Driver”. After that everything works perfectly.

The problem on my Win7 computer is, that I use the same order as on my Win10 pc. I am able to establish a VPN connection. I can see that the TAP9 adapter is given a 10.x.x.x address via DHCP from the VPN server. And I am connected to the internet. But as soon as I activate the “Comodo Internet Security Firewall Driver” the adapter loses its 10.x.x.x address and shows a 169.x.x.x one. So the VPN connection is still working, but I am not able to use the internet. By deactivating the Comodo driver the TAP9 adapter shows immediately a 10.x.x.x address again.

I am having this problem for 3 days now and have absolutely no clue how to solve it.

I much appreciate your help and support.

Thank you.