VPN Service

Hope I’m in the right spot. Anyway. I’m very much thinking about moving to a VPN service. What I’m wondering is how much trouble do people have using a VPN with Comodo? Also, the VPN service I’m thinking about comes with an option of using their software package to automatically punch holes in the firewall so you don’t have to manually figure it out. I’m sure you still have to answer the prompts, or Comodo wouldn’t let you open ports. I’m running Win 7/x64/Home Prem./wireless laptop/. I’ll give you the name of the VPN,(Overplay) in case you feel like looking at it to help answer this noob post of mine. These kind of setups can cause major aggravation to one self, so I’m going to get this clarified before juming out. Feel free to give me the name of any VPN service that Comodo users may have less trouble with as far as configuring properly to run alongside the firewall. It’s not neccessary to add a name. I’m sure you all get these kinds of questions so you may know beyyer than anyone which service runs well with Comodo Internet Security. When I put (VPN Service) in the search box I get no topics. Strange???