VPN providers

i am currently comparing vpn services. i live in usa so i do not want any vpn based in the us. i tried boleh for a week and it was fast and easy to configure. has anyone tried any other vpn’s?

there’s zenmate though it’s exclusive at the moment to chrome and chromium based browsers. and Security Kiss which offers only 300 Mb, but should be more than enough for casual browsing.

these seem to be either american or british…not sure though. will have to look at more to determine their country of origin. thanks

Here’s a list of some VPN providers www.torrentfreak.com/which-vpn-services-take-your-anonymity-seriously-2014-edition-140315/

i have read that page sanya. i hear the high encription slows down your pc.

i installed the plug in zenmate. it works really good at hideing my ip. its good for now, until a paid for vpn is activated. i am still thinking boleh is the one to go with.

I guess that depends on your system, my system has no problem with it (I’m using Private Internet Access with the highest encryption and such available)

The better the encryption is the harder it will be for X to ■■■■■ the encryption and read the data… Probably.

What are your goals with a VPN?

whaich free vpn is good? i am using zenmate vpn for chrome. any other free vpn is available?

another vpn: http://www.cyberghostvpn.com/

i really like a outside of us jurisdiction vpn. outside of the eu as well.

While I do agree that it’s important to get a vpn from a provider not in your country of citizenship, the US isn’t all bad as unlike some countries the USA doesn’t require data retention logs. I’m very interested to see which non-US providers people suggest.

If you aren’t able to find a good non-US provider considering checking out: http://privateinternetaccess.com. They are US based :frowning: , their servers aren’t the fastest :frowning: , they have good prices :slight_smile: , use shared IPs :slight_smile: , have servers in several countries :slight_smile: , they don’t keep logs :slight_smile: , and they accept payment by several methods including BitCoin :slight_smile: .

Has anyone tried https://www.frootvpn.com/ ? Seems like a free VPN with the features of paid VPN? ??? There has to be a catch somewhere? I haven’t tested it yet since I still have time left on Private Internet Access and all my rules are set up for that etc, but if FrootVPN is good then it might replace PIA whenever my time runs out.

Seems to be hosted in Sweden, doesn’t seem all too professional due to the language on the website, many grammatical errors. Claims not to save any logs.

I would hope it’s O.K as the sites Certificate is supplied by COMODO ( screenshot attached )

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Found this regarding FrootVPN on reddit:

Since it is a new launch of FrootVPN, we decided to keep it free as long as we are able to run it. Resources are enough to keep it running for free at least a few months more, but we might rethink this very soon. Even if FrootVPN were to charge our users, it would be very low as compared to other providers out in the market.

The people behind FrootVPN support freedom of speech and want the Internetz to be a uncensored place =)

So it seems like it’s a paid VPN that just launched and as it just launched it is trying to gather customers by offering it for free for as long as it’s economically possible and then make it a paid service. I’ll probably just stick with Private Internet Access then.

This is a good one that I have heard from a few friends > https://dotvpn.com/en/

Check it out

Also it can be found in the Chrome and Opera Store.



It is a Domain Validated certificate with which no ownership information is required other than having a domain and a valid email address.

For a VPN service I would expect a certificate with ownership information.

Using Private Internet Access for years, and never had any issues or problems with reliability or speed !
Plus it’s dirt cheap !
Recommendation !

edit: Hollowface wrote that speed isn’t the fastest, and that is a bull…
I’m using it on my home connection 100 Mbit/s, my work connection which is in excess of 500 Mbit/s, and my mobile LTE 72Mbit/s and never had any problems.
At those high speeds you will hit server nlb.
And in all of my surfing/downloading i never experienced that PIA VPN was the bottleneck !

Personally I live in Sweden and connect to the Swedish servers, I’ve noticed that several servers bottleneck near the evening and downloads that were usually downloading in 10 MB/s would go down to ~50 KB/s (yes I mean byte and not bit)

Just tested PIA
Over 2000 km distance from my location to Oslo where is the server located from speedtest


Speedtest using PIA is inaccurate for me, for example it often shows i have 200 MB/s down when my ISP gives me 100 MB/s and it usually shows 30 up when I only have 10. Even when certain servers bottleneck during evenings and it takes 20 seconds to load websites it says I have 200 down and 30 up even when actual file transfers show way less.
They don’t always bottleneck, most of the time they are fine.