VPN problems! Hellllllppppppp :(


I’m using my Windows 7 PC as a VPN to allow a friend to connect to me.

The VPN works, as if I disable Comodo he can connect straight away.

I have created global rulesets (green ticked) for PPTP (1723), L2TP (1701) and IPSEC (500) but when Comodo is running he can’t connect.

I also tried creating a custom ruleset and applying it to svhost but that didn’t work either.

Anyone know what’s going on? I’m very close to uninstalling comodo and using something else which I’d rather not do.

Are you using the built in windows VPN support or a 3rd party solution?

Windows 7 built-in

For port forwarding in Comodo you have to make global rules and have applicable rules for the listening application/process. Since your using the built in VPN support, those network services are hosted by svchost.exe. You’ll need to make similar rules for that process under application rules.

@aim4it - you make it SOUND so simple - why be obtuse about it? Please provide specific examples of the Rules you mention.

Thank you.