VPN Problems, Comdo Blocked 6000 intrusions in 2 hours

Hello, as my name says, im a complete n00b at networking stuff, and in english lnag too, so pliiz help.
The problem is , everytime i connect to a vpn , comodo starts blocking "windows operating system process.
but when vpn is not connected its all normal, it logs 1 intrusion attempt /sec.
I ve scanned my comp with nod32, antivir, malwarebytes and superantispyware, they all says its clean. so do i need to worry?
Please help .

comodo starts blocking "windows operating system process.

“Windows Operating System” is the destination for inbound packets that don’t have an explicit application listening for those packets. Since you’re describing this in the context of a VPN, I would suspect that your VPN isn’t completely configured. Most VPN’s have background protocols in use that help control error correction and routing information, and if those are not set up just so, things may work, but not very well. Not knowing what kind of VPN you are using, I can’t tell you much else.