VPN - prevent app from using "real" IP ?[SOLVED]

I use a VPN/Proxy-service (PPTP) that assigns me a dynamic IP that is not shared with others.
( I don’t have a router btw and my ISP gives me a static IP )
Here is the problem : Sometimes the VPN-connection drops and
certain apps ( bit-torrent clients f.ex) will then re-establish connections,
using the “real” IP . As you can imagine, that is not acceptable so my question is :
How do I set up Comodo to only allow those apps to use the VPN-connection and
block all traffic for them if the VPN drops ?
(or : how do I set it up so they DON"T work :slight_smile: )

all the apps in question seem to be on the “certified by Comodo”- list
could that be the reason for my problems with getting the rules to work ?

In Network Monitor, you could set up a block rule set to the real IP and the port used for your P2P. This, however, would block you from using torrents over your real IP if you ever wanted to.

Ewen :slight_smile:

thanks, that is exactly what I want not to do !!
I found another solution : in Azureus/settings/connection/advanced network settings
you can bind the program to a specified NIC or IP so I bound it to " ppp0 ".
that seems to work but I will make a FW-rule, just in case …