VPN Issue

I’m no expert in networking so bear with the stupid question.

The firewall works fine but when it’s active, it blocks my VPN connection to my company. I can’t get to exchange or network shares. I’ve tried looking at the activity monitor and allowing the IP address and I’ve tried to allow the Exchange server name but nothing lets the traffic through. In the log, I see a lot of messages about malformed packets and such - I’m assuming it’s the VPN.

Can someone point me to a step-by-step guide on configuring Comodo to allow VPN traffic?


version - identify problem. who can help ?


There is a short tutorial on VPNs here:

Basically, it’s all built around defining Trusted Networks within the Network Monitor so that traffic is freely allowed between the two points.


If you’re using 3.0.8 (which is a Beta software), please post in this thread:

after reading through those posts to see if the question has already been answered