VPN generates folders with random names

I use a VPN program that creates two randomly named subfolders in my Temp folder each time it starts. It installs the same executable (rubyw.exe) in each folder and runs them sequentially. This triggers CFW numerous times every time the VPN app starts, because it doesn’t recognize the changing path to the executable and thinks it’s a new program each time. Is there a way to account for this so that CFW recognizes rubyw.exe no matter where it’s located? This is driving me nuts.

Lots of looks, but no answers? Come on, Comodo. There has to be a work around for this.

Are you getting alerts from D+ or from the network firewall?

Comodo Firewall (is that what you mean by D+ ?)

Comodo Firewall is made of two big building blocks. A network firewall usually being referred to as the firewall and a Host Intrusions Prevention System (that keeps an eye under Windows hood) called Defense +.

Alerts will come from either the firewall or D+. The alert will clearly state from which module it is.

Looking at the logs may help to see if is was the firewall or D+ giving the alert.

Thanks for the explanation. I get D+ alerts when rubyw.exe wants to execute another program and firewall alerts when it tries to access the Internet or a COM interface.

If a program makes new executables each time it gets started it is best to give that program the Installer/Updater policy. That way it is allowed to start up other programs without asking the user.

I am not sure it is possible to suppress the firewall alerts in this case.

That did it and eliminated all alerts. Many thanks!!!