-- VPN doesn't work (yeah i read the FAQ, but...)

it confuses me, because i’m not exactly savvy when it comes to computer talk. so umm, if anyone wants to explain in layman’s terms what i should do, that’d be cool.

basically the message says “Warning 201: The necessary VPN sub-system is not available. You cannot connect to the remote VPN server.”

i think this may have something to do with the networking rules… like it won’t let VPN through or whatever… if it helps to know, it’s is supposed to connect this computer to the local university here…

so yeah, any “not hard to understand” help would be appreciated… :smiley:

Have you set up your Network Monitor correctly? Here’s the flash tutorial done by “panic” aka Ewen: http://www.embsolutions.com.au/cpf_rule/index.htm

Are you using the latest beta version?