VPN cannot start

I have two machines. One has a wireless link to a wireless router. The other has two wired links: one to the same router, and the other to the internet.

I run the same VPN software of both.

With Comodo running, the VPN software fails to start on the wireless machine. If I disable Comodo first, the VPN software starts fine.

On the wired machine, the VPN software starts with Comodo running.

Can anyone suggest how to debug this?

  1. do you have “secure the host while booting” enabled (security>advanced tab), that could interfere with it launching early.
  2. do you need to add any trusted zones for your VPN? (see help guide or search here)
  3. can you manually shutdown and launch VPN, this may help initiate “allow” popups (this fixed my avast antivirus which also failed to start when I first installed CPF)

other than that, someone else may have a better prognosis…