VoxOx VoIP softphone issues


I use VoxOx as a VoIP softphone. I seem to be able to receive calls on the softphone, but cannot dial out. The program seems to use random ports to dial out, so I cannot specify which ones are to be permitted through the firewall.

The program is set as a Trusted Application in the Application Rules.
I have also temporarily set the Global Rules to allow IP In/Out from the computer’s host name to any other address.

VoxOx works fine when I disable the firewall.

Does anyone have a suggestion on how to resolve this? I’ve hit my frustration limit!



Does your VoIP connect to the same IP address or address range? You may have to set that IP range as trusted.

Hope this helps


The IP addresses do vary to some degree. I have placed all of them into a trusted list yet still maintain the same issues.

At this point, I’m approaching the uninstall threshold, after almost 3 years with this software.

Any other ideas? Is there any way I can read the firewall rules as text files or get more detailed/easier access to logs? None of these blockage events are being logged as traffic blocked.


When the ports for outgoing traffic are random I would suggest to allow all outgoing TCP and UDP traffic from this application. That may not give the amount of control you are seeking but the use of random ports for outgoing traffic seems to leave no other choice.

Yes, I have already done that. I have set the application to be trusted and set it to “allow all incoming and outgoing requests” and moved the rule to the top of the “application rules” list. Still no luck.

Do the firewall logs give a clue here> Can you post a screenshot of them? They are under Firewall → Common Tasks → View Firewall Events.