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It seems that a poll is being carried out to see what AV people use.

Vote for Comodo here.


Voted on COMODO.
Alot of people seem to use Microsoft Security Essentials.
I think Microsoft deliverd a very nice product, in the antivirus world.
But i got to say COMODO is the best >:-D

Voted :-TU

As I said in one of the Topics, Comodo just need a good advertisement to be in the area on which deserves to be!

COMODO Internet Security is one of the best security suites out on the market, but alot of people do not know anything about COMODO, if you ask them ‘Do you now what COMODO is ?’…
They do not even know what it is, and thats a job for COMODO to advertise people about there products :slight_smile:


People will change when they realise CIS true potential. After all, they have left ZoneAlarm firewall for Comodo firewall. CIS needs to do well in AV-Comparatives dynamic test for people to know it better.

comodo is the fresherist of all :comodorocks:


If you change the browser you can vote again!!

MSE is not good enough at detection, i scanned a version of the very bad rootkit TDSS and it wasnt able to detect it as KAV did. so i don’t trust the MS scanner. it’s not possible to fail at any version of TDSS, if a machine is corrupted by this rootkit, it’s over, best way is to format the system.

Done that twice. :wink:

Me too :slight_smile:

I voted! I however can not figure which is the better product. I have used Avast pro 5.0 now for some time on one computer and Comodo on another. I seem to be happy with both.

Since you are happy with both then I guess CIS is the better one since it is FREE. ;D

I use Avast with Comodo firewall.Good combo

I will admit that I love the Firewall and all other aspects of the Comodo Suite but have not been able to have any success with the AV part of Comodo on my Win 7 64bit machine. The AV freezes during the scan. Other than that, I love it on my other computer.

Wow now Comodo is no 2!

With the new interface of v5, I’m sure it will be no1 next time.

Maybe, because COMODO needs to improve there marketing, they are not very populair as other Security products, but COMODO will get the number 1 soon :slight_smile:


Do you really believe in this poll?
Why do you think MSE is on the top?

Who does pay for their bills? 88)

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COMODO? :stuck_out_tongue: :P0l