Has anyone tried this software its in beta but still seems very convincing

How it works

Wilders thread

Plz let me know what u guys think

I tried it. Seems to be a good whitelist anti-executable. But training mode’s too much of a hassle Especially if you have a lot of programs that you use daily. It’s likable, but it’s not something I’d buy or choose even.

Looks very promising. ;D

??? Why pay for an anti executable, when you have CIS AND D+ for free? beats me.


cause d+ don’t always work well. it’s always good to have an alternative, paid or not. it’s for the user to decide.

Works well.
But so far does not automatically work with IceDragon (Portable)
FF, ComodoDragon, IE, IceDragon works fine.
Free registration extended until July 11.(action)

Is it still in BETA or not? ??? But with CIS and UAC I see no need…

No it is already out of beta.

IMHO VS is redundant if you have CIS even in default settings. Anyways those who cherish multilayered security approach may like VS.

As for my personal experience I’ve just installed it and it blocked the prompt for Administrator’s elevation (I wanted to add hashes for VS in AppLocker). If I didn’t have Eaz-Fix (Rx clone, a snapshot time machine) I would be in deadlock - I couldn’t uninstall the VS without the prompt for Admin elevation. So I had to revert to the snapshot (in Eaz-Fix) before VS installation.

Wouldn’t KillSwitch be able to kill the VoodooShield process? Should that not make it work again?

Nice idea. I didn’t try it. Though Killswitch sometimes cannot kill a process.

True, however the only time I haven’t been able to kill a process is when it was stuck while it was quitting… have no idea what happened, had to reboot.

This is really odd… can you please explain in detail what actually happened? VS should not block a prompt for Administrator’s elevation. If there is a bug, we need to fix it asap… this is the first we have heard of this.

Did you reboot after the VS installation? If you did not reboot, that is the only conceivable way this possibly could have occurred. If this is the case, we can force a reboot after installation… we just wanted to make it optional for the user. But it really should not have happened anyway, since VS does not block Administrator elevation… I am assuming you mean UAC. Please let us know, if there is a bug we will fix it asap! Thank you!

Edit: Just a thought, there might be some kind of conflict between AppLocker and VS. Anyway, please let us know and we will figure it out!

Very clever! But in order to run KillSwitch, VS has to allow it, right? Same principal applies to malware.

Any ideas on how to test for holes in VS are always welcome! Thank you!

Holding down shift while opening KillSwitch may be able to overcome it. It would at least be a good test.

Try it and see! We have not tried to kill VS for quite some time now. We did everything we could to kill it a while back, including killswitch. The code has changed quite a bit since then, but I do not think it would affect this. But thank you for helping us test VS, we really appreciate it! Maybe you guys will find some holes before the bad guys do!

Well if you whitelist KillSwitch then that wouldn’t be a problem :wink: (I haven’t tried VoodooShield so I don’t know if it’s whitelisted or not)

Edit: I do wonder, does VoodooShield and CIS play nicely or do they conflict?

I have no problems so far. ( CIS 5.10). But if operate in a ALWAYS ON, to teach and to add whitelists VS.

P.S. I work until the setting SMART (Default).
VS included with browsers.
I think that VS adds protection. At least not conflict with CIS. :wink:
There is a scan VirusTotal.

Well if it was free (not just a trial) I would probably check it out, however I am not interested in security which you have to pay for, at last not which you have to ‘subscribe’ for (yearly payment)

They reported that free until July 11.

[quote]Email us your email address and the password you would like to use for your account, and we will hook you up with a free year of VS…
Email us [at] support[at]voodooshield.com

Well sure you get a year free but then after that you have to pay, and for me I would have to look for something else, might as well look for something else to begin with and honestly CIS seems to be enough.