Vonage & CFP...How do I open a Port(s)...Need Help, Please.

I need help in opening up the following Ports: It is required that the following ports must be opened and not blocked by your router or firewall.

  • SIP: Port 5061 UDP
  • RTP (Voice) Traffic: Ports 10000-20000 UDP for my Vonage VOIP.

I’m running Win7, Firefox 4.0, IE9, CFP, & Avast Anti-Virus. I have a Linsky E1000 Router.
An Avis Cable modem, 20Mb Broadband.

Running a port report on GRX.com showed all ports “Stealth”.

I would appreciate any help with this. Thank you.

Ghpr13 ???

You’re going to need to refer to your routers documentation. CFP is unable to change settings on your router.