VOLSNAP error with Comodo

Still trying to understand the relationship, but I was getting a volsnap error with Comodo 3.0 installed. The shadow copies of volume C: were aborted because of an IO failure on volume C:. was the error. At first, I assumed HW issue, but after exhaustive testing, no errors with HW. I then began to systematically remove any recent changes. Once I removed Comodo 3.0 on vista ultimate, the error disappeared. When I put it back, the error came back. I am continuing to debug. Anyone else see this?

Hi sonarman

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I’m surprised that this is happening as volsnap is a windows application. You could try disabling the firewall and the Defense+ to see if it works that way, as well as it does when you uninstall CFP. If it works with one or both disabled then you can try entering the file as a Windows updater application in Defense+ → Advanced → Computer security policy → Windows updater application → add.
You shouldn’t need a firewall policy for it as I don’t think it needs to access the internet.

Hope this helps a bit. I don’t have vista so maybe one of the mods that does will be able to help further.