VNC (specifically TightVNC)

For the love of God, Pete or whomever else you worship, please PLEASE hurry up and fix this TightVNC false positive!

I and many others I’m sure use this software to help clients remotely and for this to be quarantined and unusable is a major blunder for Comodo.

It may also be happening for other software like it ( RealVNC, uVNC, LogMeIn, etc…)

Please do something.

Hi VVolfman,

The products like UltraVNC, TightVNC, are not false positives. These are termed as potentially unwanted application.

As you have said,

they help clients to connect remotely, and this activity can also can be done without the user’s knowledge too. So using this can be a flaw to your security system and we help you in its detection. If you really want to continue using this application, please add it to your exclusion lists.

Thanks and Regards,

Yes adding in exclusions will solve the issue. But still we should consider the Tight VNC as a widely used software in local networks for remote handling… :slight_smile: