vnc server is not accessible using FW even with specific allow rule

i saw one thread here for vnc but without answers on both sides :slight_smile:
version i have is 3.10.nnnnnnn.nnn
vnc server as the windows service is running on the computer and is accessible only when fw is disabled - in all other modes it is not.

i`ve made the vnc services trusted app. add the rule for vnc any any any allow

still cant get to the vnc server from other hosts on the subnet

is there please some known way how to resolve this?

thanks for any hint :stuck_out_tongue: 88)

so after playing with rules again it is funny enough
definition within app rules didnt help i had to make a rule in global policy section … 88)

Think of it this way;

Applications on your PC that will attempt to create an outbound connection to another IP rely on application level rules, and the responses received by your outbound request are covered by the application rule, as they are a solicitied response.

Where another device attempts to initiate a connection to your PC, this is an unsolicited request and the first obstacle it will come across is the firewall and you will need to create a global rule to allow the attempted connection in.

As a rule of thumb, outbound connections (and their solicited responses) from your PC are governed by application rules. Inbound unsolicited connections to your PC are governed by global rules.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

I have a VNC application and everything work fine here. Im using my VNC as a viewer to connect to a computer on a different location.

But what I did is accessed my router and forwarded port 5900 to my computer thats running the VNC viewer.
The computer which is the VNC host on a different location is also behind a router so I have to configure the router to forward 5900 again to the pc hosting the VNC.

See if you can make it work for you.

I am having the same issue using RealVNC. I have my application rules/policies setup as well as global ones to match (i need to access from on and outside the network) but no matter what I try it only works when the FW is disabled.

Can you show screenshots of the Global Rules, Application Rules and the the firewall logs (Firewall → Common Tasks → View Firewall Alerts) of around the time you trying to connect?