VMWare Workstation created 2 new Network Zones

I just installed VMWare Workstation [for creating virtual Operating Systems on a machine] and (for its purposes) I see that it created 2 new Network Zones.
What do I have to do now?
Do I have to make some particular settings?.. some “stealth wizard”?

I am interested in this, too.

You don’t have to do anything if you don’t have any problem.
It’s good to go.

Let me explain little bit about VMware with CIS.
First, you must know about some words for VMware.
Host system: Your main Windows.
Guest system: Windows which is installed in VMware.

When you install VMware, VMware creates new network connections.
The purpose of this process is for the communication between Host and Guest system.
Because Guest system is OS too.(virtual OS)
But when Guest OS wants to connect internet, Guest OS doesn’t connect internet directly.
It connects your Host system first.
You Host system acts just same as Gateway( and ISP) for your Guset system.
guest>connect to the host system to check IP address(DHCP)>host system authorizes to use
Gateway for your guest system>now, guest system can connect to the Internet.
We call it Private network.
So, CIS can recognize and configure new private networks automatically.
CIS>Miscellaneous>Settings>Automatically detect new private networks.
You can turn it off.
But do not turn it off, if you don’t know how to configure Private network system!
CIS can take care of it automatically.

Under a router or different network environment: You may have to configure CIS private network settings by manually.
Otherwise, do not turn ‘Automatically detect new private networks’ off.

OK, thanks :-TU
Since I want the Guest OS to be completely isolated from the outside world I blocked all vmware connections out… the only one that I had to leave was the TCP to Loopback Zone (, otherwise it seemed to me that it didn’t work.

Could you be so kind to explain in simple words (just like you did now) what is the meaning of the Loopback Zone? :wink: