VMware Workstation 8.0 doesn't function properly with COMODO Firewall 5.8

Now i’ve also noticed that even when assigning Run as Administrator to the VMWare Player, i can’t drag & drop files from the host to the virtual machine. Which is a very big no go because i’m conducting a lot of testing in VM and i need drag and drop support.

Can Toolwiz Time Freeze be of any use to you for testing purposes?

I will say that 5.10 is running fine with the normal VMware on my computer.

What does it mean - “normal VMware”?

the paid version

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I also don’t have any issues with VMWare 8 Workstation and Defense+ Para.

The ‘problem’ doesn’t appear to be present in Workstation.

Since threads were merged… I can confirm this issue with VMWare Player 4: I have to run VMWare Player with administrative privileges otherwise I receive this error

I don’t have this issue without CIS.

To make VmWare Player 4 work properly (not as administrator) add the following to the exclusions for “Detect shellcode injections”:

C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\VMware Player\x64\vmware-vmx.exe

You will find this under “defence+ settings” on the “Ececution Control Settings” tab.

If you have 32 bit windows the path will be different.

This worked for me.

Ifyou have to do this that means the coding on VMWare is bad, this might open up your host machine to infections from the VM if you are using it for testing, be careful.

This must be less dangerous than running it as administrator.

Thanks tcarribon, much appreciated.

Funny I have Vmware player 4.0.3 build-703057 under Win7 X64 seemingly without admin privs and I don’t have this problem. Must be because I have some networking stuff (vmnetconfig etc) from an earlier version.

Anyway, can anyone confirm that Tcarribon’s fix fully resolves the problems on at least one other OS? If so I will add to the ‘making apps work’ FAQ, as its non-obvious.

Best wishes


Actually I cannot confirm this. The issue continues to block VMware Workstation 8 as a user.

Thanks very much for reply. What Host, virtual OS etc?