VMWare related issue [Needs COMODO attention, please!]

Explained here https://forums.comodo.com/defense_bugs/i_couldnt_find_an_old_topic_about_a_bug-t38140.0.html. I can’t give more details. Sorry.

Maybe the best way to deal with this is to install VMware first. (I always recommend a backup before doing anything that may involve a risk). See if you do experience any issues, then we can resolve them (you may not experience any, btw).

may I also suggest using 3.9 RC2? It is available from this link.

I appreciate your feedback, but, the reason why I asked if COMODO has solved this issue, was precisely because I don’t feel confident trying it, without knowing it first. I don’t want to have to go through all the hassle, as the other user did.

If COMODO says - Hey, we have tried but we couldn’t. - then I’ll look somewhere else.

All I’m asking to COMODO, for a long time now, is if this issue has been solved or not.

Don’t they see this thread, and the other one I opened before? I want to believe they did see it. Maybe just not in the will of answering it.

The answer to my question is quite simple - Yes or no. That’s all I am asking. I’m not demanding COMODO to be able to solve every issue, but, at least they can say if they have tried or not.

I have never used any VM software on my Vista x64 machine. Anything questionable I will do a system backup before installing.
I personally can’t answer that question for you, I’m sorry. I still suggest a backup then a trial run. This way you have your answer and no fear of losing anything.

I have asked one of the Devs if they or any of the staff have tested it. I will let you know what the reply is.

The Dev (Egemen) replied they all use VMware every day. I would take it from this that you [should] not experience any serious issues when you try it.

I hope this helps you.

Actually, it doesn’t help me, and makes me be less confident about it. Why? Because from what you say Egemen said, COMODO didn’t even try to reproduce the issue the other user was having? Is that correct? Maybe that’s why the user deleted the account and the threads got deleted, in the first place.

This is just like the issue some users were having with CIS placing a password, and preventing them to access their own system. Just because COMODO staff had no issue with it, doesn’t mean I’d try it and face those problems.

Well, too bad COMODO didn’t even look at this issue (That’s what I understand…).

I want to install VMWare Workstation, and, I won’t hope for the best, knowing that COMODO didn’t even care about this issue, just because they weren’t having it, in their daily use of it. It’s insane.

reklaw2, I installed VMware Desktop 6.5 on my computer (CIS 3.9 RC2).
It installed error-free, and after the required reboot, appears to be running properly. I created a virtual XP x64 and a virtual Vista x64 environment. The system appears to recognize my hardware and everything seems fine.

Note I did have a few initial popup alerts when starting VMware, but after answering them, all is OK.
Now, would you please follow my suggestion and install this on your computer to see if there are any issues with your install?