VMware-player-4.0.4-744019 during install: Comodo ISP Reports Adware

I try to install subj, but Comodo ISP reports me that adware cinmus found. I can’t send you VMware-player via http, becouse there is 10MB limit exists.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Virustotal says clear exept Comodo :slight_smile:

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Please upload the sample as a false positive here:

Temporary solution:

  • Switch your configuration to COMODO - Firewall security
  • Install vmware player
  • During installation ignore all comodo warnings
  • Switch configaration back to COMODO - Internet security

As I said ealier I could’t send installation file, becouse it is very huge ~120MB

find and send the temp file that is created not the whole thing.

It was sent automatically when warning dialog appeared.