VMware-player-4.0.3-703057 : Comodo ISP Reports Malware

This VM Ware Player for Windows may be downloaded via:

Trying to install it, Comodo Internet Security Premium 5.10.228257.2253, Virus DB 12231
reports malware infection in one of the extracted .tmp installation files (Win32.adware XXX, if I recall correctly).

Please check this file and RSVP in this thread if it’s OK, thank-you !

(BTW, it’d be nice if you could also check the Mac OS X product download VM Fusion, and similarly let us know here if it’s OK. Thanks again.)

Hello willfarnaby,

Please submit the detected file using the following link:

Thank you!

Best regards,


I’m trying to upload the file using the link you provided.

It’s ~ 120 MB, and has taken 1/2 hour so far… I suspect that the upload is likely to fail, so it’s probably a good idea (i.e., necessary) for you to simply download the file yourself from the VM Ware link that I provided in my original posting.

The upload failed, so the ball is now in your court, as they say in tennis…

Hi willfarnaby ,

Thank you for reporting this.
We’ll check it and get back to you soon.

Best regards

Hi willfarnaby,

This is to inform you that the reported false positive with SHA1: 0bbc2c00cc055c539af3b768fe4be0811a677d28 has been fixed in AV database version 12232 of Comodo Internet Security <5.10.228257.2253>. You can update to the latest AV database version and confirm it.


Thank-you :slight_smile: