Visual Studio: program does not connect to SQL-Server


i just discovered your firewall and this software looks really good. Although there is a problem where i can not find a solution:

I am working in a little network with a SQL server installation. My programs are developed using Visual Studio 2010 Pro. I wrote an application, that should connect to the SQL Server. Calling the .exe-file directly from the desktop works, it connects to the server correctly. In a debug-session in visual studio i get a connection error that says that the SQL server could not be found. Is there a special setting i have to do with COMODO IS?

Greetings Alex

can you post your firewall and defense + logs

Please read here it may help.;msg559112#msg559112


thanks for your answers. my log of defense + can be found here:

the firewall log is empty.

@Dennis2: i can not change all folders to a length more than 8 characters. If this is the problem, i can not use Comodo. But what i can say so far: the problem occurs, when the called program is on a network share. On a local drive it works, even in debug mode.