Visual Studio compile slowly

A visual studio 2012 solution takes about 10 second to compile. But with Comodo installed, it took about 16 second.
All of solution files and OS are in a SSD hard drive.

To test this issue, I uninstalled the anti-virus software, I installed and uninstall Comodo free firewall several times. I got same result.
I disabled non firewall related functions, such as HIPS, File Cloud lookup, etc.

Are there any other settings which could make comodo side effects minimum?

PC: Toshiba P50, CPU i7-4700MQ, Memory 16G, 500G Samsung 840 SSD
OS: Windows 7 sp1 Ultimate x64
Comodo: 7.0.315459.4132
Visual Studio 2012 update 4


Try adding the compiler to the Exceptions of Detect Shellcode Injections.