Visual Studio 2005

our office has just upgraded to Comodo 5. We use Visual Studio 2005 and now every single time we compile code, we are presented with four Comodo alerts. VcBuildHelper.exe seems to generate uniquely named batch files on each compile and each time we have to manually agree to let them run. This exact same setup worked without issue using Comodo 4. Is there anything we can do to make these messages go away?
Thanks in advance for any assistance given!

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Could you please post a screenshot of Defense+ logs showing these events.


Hi Dennis,
comodo photos attached.

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The first part is quite easy to do, the only trouble is that the .bat process starts other processes which makes it complicated.

So it would only stop the first two alerts, not the next two which would required three manual jobs to get rid of them.

So the other way is easier but not so secure.

Go to Defense+ \ Computer Security Policy

Find C:\Program Files\Micrisoft Visual Studio 8\VC\vcpackages\VcBuildHelper.exe

Right click then edit then change from Use a Custom Policy to Use a Predefined Policy

Then choose Installer or Updater (it should be set like this by default) then click apply then OK

By making VcBuildHelper.exe a Installer or Updater should allow it to start the .bat and the .bat process start other processes without alerts.

If you want the more secure way but long process please let me know.


Yay it works! I had set it as a trusted application but that must not be sufficient. Thanks very much for your help Dennis :smiley:

Trusted is not enough in Installer or Update the process is allowed the start child process which can start process themselves up to four levels I think without alerts.

Not sure why there is so much difference between CIS 4 and CIS 5

I did not ask but presume you run Defense+ in Safe mode.