Visual notification at logon screen of CIS

Hey all

We’ve justreplaced Kaspersky Antivirus with Comodo IS on our network.

With Kaspersky it had a little logo and “Kaspersky Anti-virus 6” in the top right corner of every logon screen.

I think with version 4 comething like that should be implimented. Maybe with the bottom-right corner thing this forum’s got?

It makes the user of the computer feel more secure in my experience.

Or it annoys them. :wink:

As with those requesting splash screens, as long as there is an option to turn off such behavior, I have no problem with it. I know what AV I’m using, I don’t need to be reminded all the time. I can see the icon in the system tray that tells me everything is running well, that’s all I need.

Kaspersky display a notification at logon page ???
I didn’t see it in latest version.
Or because I’m using Kaspersky on Windows Vista ?

It’s not a splash screen, it just says in the top right hand corner of the logon screen “Kaspersky antivirus 6.0” with a little Kaspersky logo.

I wouldn’t want a splash screen - they annoy me too.

EDIT: Example here:


Rising AV has it too, long in and shutdown there is a little lions head logo