Vista's default listening ports

I just installed CPF on Vista x64 SP1 and noticed that vista
is listening to quite a few ports (see attached screenshot).

What are they for?

I know that Port 135 is DCOM, so that should be OK (right ?)

Port 445 is SMB (Server Message Block = MS Networking), so that should
also be OK (right ?)

Note: I have disabled NetBIOS over TCP/IP, so it is NOT listening to Port 137-139.
So far so good.

But what are the following ports:

[b]lsass.exe → Port 49156

services.exe → Port 49155

svchost.exe → Port 49153

wininit.exe → Port 49152[/b]

Thanks in advance for any insights :wink:

best regards,

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Various processes within the operating system communicate internally with each other via tcp/ip, thus need ports to work with on IP The particular ports you asked about are assigned to Remote Procedure Calls, an essentiall part of the OS. As long as you block them from being accessed from outside your computer, just part of normal Windows business. Depending on your configuration, you might see a few more open as in the attached.:slight_smile:

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