Vista64 + uTorrent 1.8 + DG834GT


Ive followed the uTorrent guide but as its outdated now is it still viable?

I notice after the initial instructions it says change HTTP to allow due to a bug… do i still have to do this?
ive not done so and I still get the green tick on uTorrent but it doesnt seem to connect to as many peers as normal

also -

when I ran uTorrent I chose “treat as uTorrent” as i was supposed to BUT it apears a second time and utorrent ISNT in the list? so I did choose anything in TREAT AS and just selected ALLOW + REMEMBER… should I have chosen trusted application or summit?

I have opened port 45454 in my Netgear DG834GT - do I have to do this? just uTorrents UPnP worked perfectly before and I dont like leaving ports open 24/7