[Vista64] Odd problems with D+ and backup software.

I opened up a thread a while ago on COMODO slowly locking up the system until total freeze when Acronis 10, 11, or 2009 ran. Now I tried switching to Norton Ghost. While the freezes are gone, a new problem has appeared. During a backup, either explorer.exe or cfp.exe start consuming humongous amounts of CPU (50%) and won’t stop.

If cfp happens to react in this way, I can still bring up the interface via command line(it no longer responds to system tray clicks even though I see the icon traffic), disable D+ and kill it.

If explorer happens to react this way, the taskbar freezes up and even though the desktop works, launching any folders will completly freeze explorer up.

These only happen DURING a backup. If D+ is permanently disabled it doesn’t happen.

Will It Be Possible For You To Provide Some More Information About Your D+ Security Policy, D+ Settings And Image Execution Control Settings ?

Image Control is set to medium with buffer overflow disabled. But I’ve switched on to comodo - optimum defense profile and let it run and again after a while I got the same results. This whole thing started with the last 3.8 build and has been bugging my system since.

Could it be because backup software amends (changes archive bit) on huge numbers of files, and, each time D+ must check that what it is doing is OK?

Just a thought


you are not alone with this problem. i have shadow protect for desktop(spd). it is disk image backup/restore software by storagecraft. d+ prevents an entry placed in systems services by the application from starting thus making spd unusable. and yes, deactivating d+ allows it to work again. something changed with the installation of vista sp2 and the driver or whatever with d+ has aggravated the issue even further. it is possibel the issue only has to do with services placed by applications and further also possible that has mainly to do with application services that have something to do with networking in one form or another.

one correction on the above. the problem is also with vista 32bit.