Vista x64 vs. v1.0.4.337

Hi all,

just a quick question, is Comodo Backup fully compatible with Vista x64?
I couldn’t find a confirmation about it in the official Download page:

Comodo Backup - System Requirements
Operating Systems
Windows Vista
Windows XP (Service Pack 1 or later)
Windows 2000 (Service Pack 3 or later)

Thanks in advance

Hey MMax, As far as I’m aware, I’m pretty sure comodo builds 99\100% of its products for x32 and x64

Thanks Kyle. I’ve just got a response from the Tech Support as well right now, looks like this version is compatible with 32bit only (:SAD)
They suggested me to keep an eye on the forum for 64bit version, hope they will add 64bit support soon…

Thanks & Bye

I hope to see a 64 Bit version soon also. I just found this program a week or so ago and love it! I had planned on going to 64 Bit Vista this weekend, maybe I’ll wait a while.


Well I went ahead and went to 64 Bit Vista! I figured I’d give Backup a shot, It WORKS!! All I did was right click and install as Administrator when I installed it. I do 2 types of backups one to an external drive and one to my website via FTP. Both types of backups work just fine on 64 Bit. Of course I won’t guarantee it will work for everyone.

I wiped my pc clean installed Vista Ultimate Sp1 and very few programs before I installed Backup. So if you have been waiting for the 64 Bit version you might just give this version a try.