Vista won't login after firewall installation

I recently bought a new laptop and I’ve been doing some cleaning and installing of new software. Everything has gone well except whenever I install the Comodo firewall and restart, I can’t get past the vista login screen. When I try to log in, the screen just freezes. I’ve tried it a few times and each time I was only able to log back in after doing a system restore to right before I installed the firewall. Any ideas on what this might be caused by?

Are you using Vista as admin or limited user? Did you reboot immediately after installing Comodo?

Next time it happens you please Windows in Safe mode. Then you can start the Comodo client and change stuff. Sometimes when you block a system file that is the only way to go.

Are you willing to give it another try? When things turn bad again you can boot into Safe mode with network support ( do turn on Windows firewall in Safe mode) and I can assist you further from there.

No I haven’t installed it under the admin account, I only ran the installer as admin. And I did indeed restart right after installation because the installer prompted me to. I’ll try installing it via the admin account and see how it goes.

I installed it as admin, but the startup issue persisted. Afterward I ran the computer in safe mode and even though I could find a network and connect, neither firefox nor IE popped up when I executed them. I also checked in the task manager and saw that the processes were running for the browsers but they just weren’t visible for some reason.

To deal with the login issue, I looked around in the security center settings and found the startup feature and turned it off. After rebooting I was able to login and start running everything again. Now back in normal mode everything seems to be fine but I’m not sure if the problem will reoccur if I turn the startup feature on again and reboot.