Vista - Windows mail. Have to keep adding to trusted applications


Ok so every other day or so Windows Mail is unable to send or receive email, basically gives me a network connectivity error. So I close out of mail, open up Comodo, go to firewall, define a new trusted application and select windows mail. Open up Windows mail and works perfect now.

Works for a day or so then it breaks again. I’ve tried closing out of mail then reopening, reboot, nothing works except for adding it as a trusted application again and again.

Below is the entry from Comodo firewall logs:

10/26/2008 10:14:52 PM C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe Blocked 49950 995

Port 995 is my incoming port for POP3. I quess like usual microsoft has joined windows mail to IE, so thats why the log entry shows IE.

OS: Vista Premium
Comodo Version:
D+: Inactive
Firewall Security Level: Custom Policy Mode

Any suggestions?

The address is for a mail server. Yahoo has a lot of servers, and I suspect that you are occasionally being routed to whichever of their servers is least busy at that moment. Which means you’re getting an alert for each new IP address that CFP sees. I have no idea how many servers has for email. I’d guess from handfuls to hundreds, and somewhere in between.

To simplify the problem, I’d suggest making a Network Zone for “Yahoo Mail Servers” and define it as a host name(s), so that when the DNS name-to-address lookup occurs, a new address get recognized as being a legitimate address.

For more specifics, I’d need to know what rules you have Windows Mail.