Vista Ultimate x64, Object Dock 1.9 and CFP

Good day.

I recently installed Vista Ultimate x64 OS on my machine. Applied necessary updates to windows (SP1) from Microsoft and installed CFP (the 64bit). No problems in installation for cfp under vista x64 and everything’s running fine except in some occasions when I empty the recycle bin icon on object dock, cfp’s d+ pops a window, then everything freezes up (except the cursor). I have to either hard or soft reboot my rig and log-in again.

Another thing is - cfp tabs: miscellaneous > manage my configuration > export, I can’t export my rules (using win xp 32bit and 64bit editions before and older version/s of cfp v3, I can export configs and save it to a file for back-up). A window pops saying “unable to obtain necessary rights. please run this utility as administrator and try again.”. How can I enable to run this utility as administrator?

My current build consists of C2D E8400, 4GB DDR2 800MHz RAM, couple of WD SATA drives (non-raid), Mobo w/ IGP. HTH

Anyways, great thanks for this awesome ('coz it’s free for life; free w/ top-notch quality, very rare these days) product. Can’t wait to have a sort of a Free Ultimate Security Suite in a near future from you guys. Keep up the good work. ( (L) w/ all thumbs up, toes included! )


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Try putting D+ in training mode and using Object Dock. I use every once in a awhile and it works fine with Comodo.

Thanks for the prompt reply, sir. Applying it right now and will observe how object dock behaves.

All is left the “config export thing”. Still getting the same results.

I just exporting my settings and works fine but I am also on XP.


No more problems w/ object dock after a day of training mode in cfp v3. Restored the setting (d+) on safe mode.

But still can’t export config on Vista x64. Almost tried everything (from permissions, account security, I think… in vista x64).



I finally exported (and imported) my CFP configuration (in Vista Ultimate x64) in SAFE MODE.